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Our commitment to LSE is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower our students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners prepared to thrive in the 21st century.
We encourage you to explore the website and learn more about LSE and all the mindedness for personal learning.Our mission is a promise to you! We Aim to bridge international boundaries and transform our students into dynamic professionals with a global perspective. Our Aim and vision to start with IPC (International Primary Standard) is to be at per with International Education Standards.

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Lower Secondary

Literacy, numeracy, urdu, science, history, geography, religious education, physical development (PD) information, communication and technology (ICT).

Our key focus is on activity based learning and use of multimedia for all classes. The lower secondary curriculum also begins to prepare students for the rigorous of the IGCSE . Most of the primary schemes are replaced by pre- IGCSE schemes and text books.

The Structure of curriculum includes subject specialization, such as division of social studies into History and geography. We follow a very concise and intensive course of study which help our students to excel not only in Academics but equally emphasis on a holistic personality and confidence building to explore their physical, intellectual and creative potential.

Extra curricular activities, Regular theme based assemblies are major part of LSE Experience, which certainly enhance student’s public speaking and listening skills.

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Upper Secondary

The upper secondary attractive curriculum covers a broad spectrum of subjects that are tailored to meet the International and local requirements academically and to develop an essential aptitude in student’s personality for lifelong  learning.

Subject specialist with an empire experience in their desired field are recruited and regularly trained at LSE to deliver the best academic content and also help students to grow as conscientious individual.

LSE Houses and Activities

The whole school is categorized in three houses and different societies, For which they have house captains and society heads, selected from different age groups of students. Each student is encouraged to participate in different competitions and activities, which certainly enhance their personality development, organizational, communication and social skills.


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