Spell Bee & Science quiz Competition was held today

Spell Bee & Science quiz Competition was held today. It was a thrilling experience. Students had a Finale format that was 3-Rounds i.e. Regular, Rapid-Fire and Written.

The competition aimed at creating awareness of the possibilities of using varied words in oral and written expression and to add words to the active vocabulary of students.

A thorough orientation was done by the teachers before the event in the format of the competition.

The competition was designed in a pyramid structure enabling every student studying in Grades 1-6 to participate in the event.

Winners & runner-ups of the competition were awarded with the certificate of achievement.

It was a grand success in terms of audience participation, vocabulary and science enhancement of the finalists, confidence gained by the students who participated last but not the least the teacher-mentors pride in seeing their mentees (both the participants and the other students) giving their best.