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Community Services

We at LSE teach our students how to step outside of their familiar environment and strengthen their sense of civic, engagement. To help the unfortunate and contribute a bit for community services students raise funds through charity Garage Sale in which different item sales are held.




Computer Lab



Science Lab


Classroom is learning space in which both children and adults learn.

All Classrooms are spacious and air conditioned and beautifully decorated.For pre-cambridge emphasis is on activities based learning and updated most apparatus is provided. For senior classes class lectures, multimedia and lab activities are scheduled. We make sure all our students acquire knowledge at optimal levels.



Library is an important source of knowledge to young minds in school. At LSE we have library which is well equipped with educational resources. Which includes variety selection of literature, Biographies, Atlas, Encyclopedia, scientific research books and historical texts.

Early learners have their specific book introducing the concept of reading to them and for primary and seniors all content help them to achieve academic success and help them understand “book is a friend of life”. 

Computer Lab

Computer labs are fully equipped and upgraded with latest technologies and standard design at LSE, for all classes, Student take their ICT in lab where they perform practically,

Different software are available for different age groups. Everyday performance and assessment are available for every student through their personal folders.


Our cafeteria offers a scrumptious food items which are made with all healthy and hygiene measures. We make sure all food items and nutritious and healthy. 

Timings for cafeteria          8:30 -2:30


School playgrounds and school play time are vitally important two children for their run, relaxation and for their good physical health.

For this purpose we have are playgrounds which is astronaut and having seperate area for indoor games. Different swings for younger students are placed in the ground.

All houses competition and moving assemblies are held in this playground.

Science labs

Effective teaching and learning of science involves seeing, handling and manipulating real objects and materials.

 Our science labs are fully equipped with latest lab equipment so that students get first hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own.

Time table is scheduled for all classes to have their lab visits regularly.


All students from toddlers to level 10 all required to be uniform with LSE uniform code.


Primary years(year1,2,3,)

All uniforms are available by school uniform store.

Primary years(year1,2,3,)

Sports uniform

Sports uniforms mandatory to wear for sports activities.