About LSE


LSE is one of Pakistan leading Co-educational day School for boys and girls aged 3-18. The LSE is well known for its emphasis on the development of the whole person, mined body and spirit. LSE is based in Harley Street in Rawalpindi; Harley is famous for the educational institutes,schools and colleges.

We at LSE believe in Activity based learning which leads our Linconades to become a better citizen, a future asset for Nation. Lincolnades are taught that their grades do not matter significant is what They are giving in return as an individual who is educated and socially balanced. Our key focus is to help our Lincolnades.
“Learn the novelties of life and step into the world of innovation”
The curriculam is tailored to meet the needs of hour and sensitive learners of different types.It us an amalgamation of Academic and co-cirricular activities to discover and rediscover facts of their personalities.
We have our own standards and systems for teacher to measure the educational impact of their lessons and role of professtional developement.

Our Reputation

LSE has a particular distinguished reputation in the Twin Cities by holding a firm grip on IGCE, Pre Cambridge,Cambridge primary and O/A-Levels.We are also among the leading compititaors in the race of matriculation System of education under the affiliation of FBISE.
LSE is prestigious platform

 Where we donot teach we help them Learn


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